Bottling plant

Our bottling plant is situated right next to the remains of a primeval forest in the municipality of Kostel (show on map). The landscape is on the outskirt of Karst region featuring its distinguishing characteristics. There are no industrial, agricurtural or other pollutants in the area of 56 km2 and more than 80% of land is overgrown with forests. Natural mineral water is being pumped from a 100 m deep source well, that is right below our plant. Our environmentally friendly and technologically advanced bottling plant lies in the special protected area of Natura 2000, which stretches on 56 km².

Our mineral water is not filtrated, unlike the majority of other waters, needs nothing to add to or remove from (expect for the dust particles) – it is bottled just as it springs from the source. The complete bottling procedure and the quality of water are being regularly checked by the National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food as well as other established national and internetional laboratories. The water is filled in plastic (0.5l, 1.5l) or glass bottles (0.25l and 0.75l) and gallon bottles (18.9l). Our trademark Costella comprises of 13. brands on the market: in addition to natural mineral water, we also market different flavored waters as well as two special produtcs: Costella Sport and Costella MA-MA.

Costella is being bottled since 2007, winning 44 national and international awards: