About the water

Natural mineral water Costella springs from the source in the heart of unspoilt nature along the edges of a preserved primeval forest. The source spring is located in the special protected area Natura 2000 of 56 km² where there are no industrial facilities, cultivated areas or other potential polluters that could pollute the source near and far. In respect of its quality, this makes our water one of the best waters.

Water is essential for life as it has many important uses for the body:

  • it delivers food and oxygen to the cells and tissue via blood and lymphatic system,
  • flushes out any waste material from the body, especially from the kidneys,
  • hydrates the mucosa and the joints,
  • helps the organs of the body with their proper functioning,
  • protects the body from colds, constipation, infections, kidney stones and diseases of the urinary tract,
  • feeds the body with trace minerals,
  • maintains a balance of electrolytes that help regulate body temperature and blood pressure.

A grown human being needs between 2000 ml and 2500 ml of fluid on average daily. Some of it is included the food, while the majority of it (1500 – 1800 ml) needs to be consumed daily with drinks, preferably water and unsweetened herbal and fruit teas.

In the case of increased physical strain, prolonged exposure to heat or in medical conditions such as fever, diarrhea and vomiting, our body needs even more water.

An adequate intake of water can work miracles protecting your health as it stimulates digestion, purifies the body, improves concentration, reduces sensitivity and stress and strengthens the heart and the cardiovascular system.