O vodi Costella

On average, an adult needs between 2,000 ml and 2,500 ml of fluid per day. Some take it with food, and most (1500 - 1800 ml) should be taken daily with a drink, preferably with water or unsweetened herbal or fruit teas.

In case of increased physical exertion, prolonged exposure to heat or in disease states, such as e.g. in case of fever, diarrhea or vomiting, our body needs even more fluid.

Adequate water intake can help a lot in protecting health as it stimulates digestion, cleanses the body, improves concentration, reduces sensitivity and stress, strengthens the heart and blood circulation.

Water is essential for life, as it has many important functions in the body:

Our filling station is located on the edge of the remnants of the jungle, in the municipality of Kostel. In the heart of the unspoiled nature of the Kolpa valley (look at the map), in the area of 56km2 Nature 2000, we draw natural mineral water from a 100 m deep well. The spring is located directly below the filling station. Unlike other waters, our mineral water is unfiltered. We do not add or subtract anything from the water. As we get it from the source, it is also bottled. The entire filling process and water quality are regularly checked by the National Laboratory for Health, Environment, Food and other recognized domestic and international institutions. We fill bottles (0.5l, 1.5l), glass packaging (0.25l and 0.75l) and gallons (18.9l) in the bottling plant. We are on the market with the following brands: natural mineral water Costella, eCostella and water of different flavors.

The Costella bottling plant was built in 2002. Two years later, it received permission to build the first test well, while in 2005 construction of water pumping shafts took place. At the same time, the bottling plant also obtained a concession to pump 250 million liters of water per year. We have been filling and selling Costello since 2006, when a modern filling line was built. In 2007, the bottling plant also acquired a gallon line. Since the start of operation of the bottling plant, we have received more than 50 national and international awards.

Costella natural mineral water is filled in bottles with a characteristic shape. This form has great cultural and historical significance for the area from which Costella derives. The shape of Costella's bottle represents Kostel women who used to go to the Kolpa River for water with special containers. They then carried it on their heads to their villages.

Costella natural mineral water comes from a spring in the heart of unspoiled nature, on the edge of a sparsely preserved European rainforest. 

It is surrounded by 56 km2 of Natura 2000 sites, and there are no industrial plants, cultivated areas or other potential environmental pollutants in the near and far vicinity of the filling station that could pollute the spring. The above ranks our water at the very top in terms of its quality.